Us Partners is an Organizational Development and Transformation company-serving clients in a variety of industries. We view your organization and people as a whole system in an ever-evolving process. To keep pace with your evolution, we focus on enhancing your methods and skills for working together proficiently and harmoniously. We understand that every person, every department, every company is unique. Individual talents, potential, capabilities, pace, interest and passion all go into the mix. Therefore, we include your knowledge of your business as partners in designing and integrating the needed changes in going to your next steps

Our understanding of your unique requirements will enable us to plan and implement the most relevant and effective program for your organizations evolution. This is an outline of the two stages of the Organizational Development and Transformation process. Fees for Assessment are based on individual requirements. Implementation of Strategic Improvements fees are based on the findings in the Initial Assessment Analysis.

Stage 1: Initial Assessment

This involves:

  • Presentation of Assessment Analysis
  • Proposed Strategy and fees for Implementation
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Stage II - Implementation of Strategic Improvements

  • Business Consulting Services
  • Change Management Strategy and Training
  • Organizational and Individual Learning
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Organizations are dynamic,
always shifting to balance internal capability with external market demands.
To keep pace with opportunities, you need to continuously evolve by
Working Smarter Naturally.

For organizations that are vitally interested in new directions, developing new thinking for lasting solutions. Us Partners is a unifying voice harnessing the wisdom in the culture to foster organizational development and conscious transformation for your team. Our focus is on creating optimal conditions for evolutionary change in organizations to deliver:

Systems that elegantly support the changing needs of operations.
As organizations grow, they tend to create a patchwork of systems and work processes. A Workplace Infrastructure Re-alignment Event reveals core needs.

People who enthusiastically work together in collaboration.
Miscommunication, misunderstanding and frustration swallows productive time and performance capacity. People really want to meaningful contribute to the workplace given the opportunity.

Internal architecture that is flexible, organic and aligns with work processes. 
Organizational charts rarely reflect the actual, functional workflow or needed communication tracks. Teams live in a distributed, web-like infrastructure.

We human beings are very powerful.
Every thought, every action
makes a difference.
Our challenge is to bring more and more
consciousness to our powerfulness.

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