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Master the art and practice of leading and working together

You can be a powerful force for creating the authentic, equitable,
and collaborative teams and communities you seek.

We provide capacity-building consulting, experiences,
and courses for mission-driven leaders, teams, and organizations.

Drawing on a lifetime of experience as an organizational consultant, master facilitator, trainer, and seeker of truth and empowerment for all, Hina Pendle, Ph.D. and her team have developed hands-on tools and practices that can help organizations address:

  • Times of crises, including broken relationships with leaders, among teams, boards, and governing groups;
  • Overwhelm and chaotic systems, especially during these times of change;
  • Transition-planning and problem-solving for nonprofits, family-owned businesses, and owner-worker transitions, and intentional communities;
  • Leadership misunderstandings and skill-building to define and redefine leadership democratically run companies, cooperative communities, and “New Economy” initiatives;
  • A need for full participation and greater engagement so each person steps into their true power, purpose, and sense of value, and 100% of those talents are tapped.

Leaders and individuals are yearning for new kinds of workplaces,
vital teams, communities, and visions for the future.

We understand that every person, every work group is unique.

Using a whole-systems approach, we design customizable programs to engage and move you forward from the start.

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“Your legacy is every person you touch in your life.”

– Maya Angelou