5 Powerful Tips for Smarter Workplaces

#1Improve lines of communication-Up and down and sideways, more mistakes happen because of incomplete, lack of
or wrong information. Review the reliability of your information systems; your computer systems, written or verbal systems.

#2Minimize resistance to change-Change does not have to be difficult. Include the people involved in the planning and implementation as soon as possible, wherever possible and change will be much easier and more effective.

#3-Continue improvements -Create an environment where people are continuously alert for opportunities to improve how things are done. Welcome contributions and respond rapidly and appreciatively and they will last and grow.

#4Integrate changes into the culture -This is the difference between just a good plan on paper and making it effective, real and lasting. Make changes at the rate that they can be integrated in a balanced way.

#5Bring the Leader out of everyone – Unleash the talent, innovation and creativity waiting to be fulfilled in everyone. Conscious leaders can inspire people towards self-responsibility, self-reliance and inspire collaborative attitudes.

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