Our consulting, coaching, advisory, and training services are all designed to enhance individual and collective power, build team and organizational capacity, manage change and resolve problems with integrity, and support sustainable growth and resilience by addressing the dynamics of power, leadership, and democracy in your enterprise.

Our flexible, customized engagements include:

  • Leadership Team AdvisorBringing authenticity, truth, fairness, trust, and mutual respect into the heart of how leaders and their teams work together. Design methods for ongoing assessments. Coach meetings with leadership team for strategizing, planning, and evaluating progress.
  • Executive Coaching-Addressing the personal, leadership, and organizational roles to optimize effectiveness and joy.  
  • Consulting–Assessing and analyzing organization and staff capacity and needs. Recommend interventions, beneficial improvements, trainings. Support special projects such as recruiting and hiring, separation policies, organizational operations, governance policies, and data collection and management, retreats for Boards, leaders, co-workers.
  • Master facilitator and workshop leaderCreating group experiences and customized “community conversations” to bring out the wisdom in the group and modeling group decision-making and collaborative leadership in a safe inclusive environment. Create dialogue based on circumstances unique to the team or organization for desired outcomes.
  • TrainerImparting skills to bring to fuller collaborative engagement making democratic organizations and teams highly effective, responsive, and continually evolving; delivering trainings, facilitating meetings, individual coaching.
  • We serve–Worker/owner cooperatives, non-profits, entrepreneurs, mission-driven organizations and democratically operated organizations, Boards of Directors, intentional communities.
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“Thanks for the amazing results that we’ve achieved together. I am prompted to write by the frequent instances where our staff members who have participated in group training have stepped up in very significant ways, exhibiting maturity and leadership skills under enormous pressure. Our team members often employ the communication skills and problem-solving techniques that we work on together. I feel both proud of my people and grateful to you for the continuing influence of our work together. Thank you for helping me to help our entire team.”

-M.F., CEO, Breakaway Printing and Publishing Company

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