Power: Individually and Together

The focus now is on relationships, first how each person can best realize their potential and step into their power. And, then how a gathering of individuals can come together and function well as a harmonious whole. Working together toward common goals strengthens the connections between people, enriches the workplace and the larger community. There’s special warmth that comes from combining energies or gathering with like minds and hearts. It’s easier to face personal challenges with your community. And, joyful moments are even sweeter when celebrated together. We simply need one another.



Our individual qualities are uniquely ours but they are refined and polished through our interactions with each other. The willingness to be open with unequivocal respect for each other’s uniqueness is the lubricant that keeps relationships running smoothly. A deep trust develops between those with a common vision working side by side toward its realization. No matter how diverse our backgrounds, in an atmosphere of trust, sincerity and integrity, we can actualize our most utopian dreams. As each person contributes their own way the bonds between individuals become stronger. The strengthening happens over time and through many climates. The capacities and talents that are nourished by each other enhance the power we have together.


The Trust Challenge

In an atmosphere of trust no one is monitoring how much is given or judging the form the contribution takes. Where comparison and competition are the rule and people are measuring themselves against each other, trust is impossible. Every individual is needed, leaders and cooperators. Even when an infrastructure or hierarchy is needed for smooth functioning, it doesn’t imply superiority or rank. Equanimity is in the power of the heart and the embrace of each individual. It’s the glue that holds things and us together.


Practice: Using your heart as a filter

When approaching as sense of fear or agitation put your hand over your heart breathing the situation into your heart, breathing out letting it go. Do this for a few minutes. Allow another perspective to enter your consciousness.


Grateful acknowledgement and inspiration from the: Tao Oracle: the Illuminated Approach to the I Ching by Deva Padma, St Martin’s Press, NYC

Thursday March 14 1pm PT, 3pmCT, 4pm ET


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