New Economy Courses

Here are two of our foundational courses.
They can help move your team and organization forward immediately:

Power of the Heart; Engage Your Own True Power

Building social, emotional, relational and cooperative intelligence

Power is the heart of the culture shift politically, relationally and personally. The misuse of power is visible today. We don’t want to perpetuate this dynamic unconsciously in our workplaces or homes. The Power of the Heart Course provides tools to identify and choose emotional states and behaviors that are unifying rather than separating. This emotional and social intelligence is transformative:

True Power is your natural, authentic state of being. It attracts rather than conquers, creates rather than destroys, unifies rather than separates. It’s not the false “power over someone or something.” Think about the quality of your True Power and relationships at work or at home:

Do you feel confident in your ability to fully and authentically participate in projects?

Do you hold back your true feelings or feel safe expressing them?

Are you tapping your wisdom and creativity?

Do you struggle when you encounter difficult people?

Power is rooted in the core of your being. Strengthening your core is as important to working together and living together as it is in physical exercise. Inhabiting your True Power opens your heart and clears your mind. Exercising your True Power is deeply fulfilling and indestructible.

The True Power Course gives you tools to understand your emotional and social intelligence and to transform your experience instantly. You will learn to:

  • Understand and experience the Seven Realms of Power.
  • Recognize and ignite your own True Power.
  • Develop personal mastery for social change.
  • Step into your own true leadership power.

Course details:

  • This course is designed as a stand-alone 120-minute online workshop. Next one
  • Or you can request an in person full-day.
  • Individuals can send an email to be notified of the next open course.
  • Customized versions can be tailored to your organization. Materials are included.

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The Four Motivations for Change

A new framework for understanding and navigating change


Change is challenging to most people in most circumstances. When you and your team understand the motivations and needs for change, you are more empowered to navigate a well thought out way forward.

Change presents itself in different forms.

  1. It can come suddenly or predictably from outside circumstances.
  2. It can be instigated from a realization for how to refine and make improvements.
  3. It can be a matter of survival calling for immediate attention.
  4. It can be the result of an organic and intuitive process of evolution and growth.

This course will give a clear guidance for approaching change, including:

  • Recognizing which type of change you are facing or have been avoiding.
  • Identifying the real change at the heart of the matter.
  • Prioritizing changes by their importance, impact, and ease of correction.
  • Making systems more resilient by building in methods to anticipate the need for change.

Course details:

  • This course is designed as a stand-alone 90-minute online workshop with 30 minutes designated for instruction and context and 60 minutes allotted for interactive consultation to identify the stages of change that apply to your circumstances and to explore some of the changes you would like to make. Materials are included.

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