At Us Partners we’re inspiring people to work together smarter and more collaboratively. We focus on capacity-building consulting and experiences to create effective, equitable, and sustainable teams, businesses, communities, and engaged individuals who are compassionate, cooperative, and generous toward themselves and others.The CultureShift Blog is a place for us to explore how each of us can be a powerful force for the change we seek.

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Hina Pendle explains the new economy academy.

Power: Individually and Together

The focus now is on relationships, first how each person can best realize their potential and step into their power. And, then how a gathering of individuals can come together and function well as a harmonious whole. Working together toward common goals strengthens the connections between people, enriches the workplace…

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Just Pathing Through

Power of the Heart workshop in November on line: https://bit.ly/2xrKwwb

Making the Grand Transition

Witness the struggles with this transition of values currently in the news with the confirmation process of Brett Kavanaugh and the sexual violence reported by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

We’re going through a doorway on a journey from a dominator culture with its mechanical, worldly driven mindset to a culture of partnership*, where people are unified by values like kindness, empathy, generosity, agape, and collaborative leadership. As we transition, it becomes evident that our individual consciousness expands. We make gains in the quality of our relationships with one another and collectively as we work, live, and grow together. Transitions can evolve over time often imperceptibly as in the way we grow older day by day. Big change can also be disruptive but impels us in new directions. During a transition, we are called to reevaluate many aspects of our culture, work environment, family, community, or world. We want to recognize what’s working well and course correct or redesign what could be improved. One challenge shows itself when some of us want to hold on to the past or what is and others see the need for change, innovation. A good barometer for designing solutions is to consider what is good for the whole system rather than simply an individual. It is also important to ask questions about potential consequences. Transition involves unlearning old beliefs and habits to make room for creativity to emerge.

We are witnessing this trajectory daily in the news especially with the confirmation process of Brett Kavanaugh and the challenge by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

From an Imbalance of Power to Us Partners

In our instant gratification, instant communication culture we can become doubtful or cynical and impatient with transformation when it’s challenging. We think “He/she/we will never change. We’re stuck between a rock and a hard place.” As we all know, working together and living together cooperatively can be difficult, and it can also be fun, creative, and more gratifying and productive than going it alone.

The Secret: Take It Personally

In this time of uncertainty and change in the world, many feel helpless and hopeless. “I’m only one person. I can’t make a difference.”It can feel overwhelming, whether it’s a difficult relationship, workplace, or a political situation. Yes, you can and do make a difference. One gesture at a time, moment to moment, all of us create the world we want to live in. Here are some principles and practices for insight into how to navigate the journey. Think of the Unifying Principles and Practices as practical reminders for how to stay “woke.” They are common sense in an uncommon time. Let me know what you think or ask me bigger questions.

*Thank you Riane Eisler “Chalice and the Blade” for this distinction

Upp for Grand Transition.r1Upp for Grand Transition.r1

The Power of the Heart

The recent elections showed me that people are thirsty for the culture shift to the heart and caring. It’s becoming more apparent in the candidates elected all over the country. The misuse of power is visible in every sector. Creating pain and separation is what our culture has been calling…

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5 Powerful Tips for Smarter Workplaces


#1–Improve lines of communication-Up and down and sideways, more mistakes happen because of incomplete, lack of or wrong information. Review the reliability of your information systems; your computer systems, written or verbal systems. #2–Minimize resistance to change-Change does not have to be difficult. Include the people involved in the planning…

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The Unnamed Mental Illness

Anger and hate are an infectious mental disease. When anger and hate are constantly, purposefully pumped up by fear, it’s impossible to penetrate with another world view. Anger perpetuates a culture of blaming, shaming, revenge, finding scapegoats for “somebody done me wrong.” One feels like a victim of government, leaders,…

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Dalai Lama’s New Year’s message

“It’s important that, as we begin the New Year, look forward,” said His Holiness the Dalai Lama in a New Year’s day address. “We should project our intention ahead, so that we make this year a meaningful one.” “If an individual were to make conscious intention to live his or…

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The Fine Art of Listening

Working and Living cooperatively involves lots of communication. Listening makes us wiser. I love this expression of listening. Tell Me More On the Fine Art of Listening “When we are listened to, it creates us, makes us unfold and expand. Ideas actually begin to grow within us and come to…

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Coops, true democracy and cells


Years ago I came across this piece written by Deepak Chopra, MD. I think it’s a brilliant analogy of how the cells in the body work separate tasks yet equally important to the whole. The new economy follows a return to natural universal laws. Enjoy! IF ONLY I COULD BE LIKE MY…

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