The Unnamed Mental Illness

Anger and hate are an infectious mental disease. When anger and hate are constantly, purposefully pumped up by fear, it’s impossible to penetrate with another world view. Anger perpetuates a culture of blaming, shaming, revenge, finding scapegoats for “somebody done me wrong.” One feels like a victim of government, leaders, bosses, husbands, wives, co-workers; trusting only those perpetuating one’s own belief. Over 90% of the airwaves are devoted to hate radio, “shock jocks” who keep people off balance with the constant drama of conspiracy, creating a unique reality. Not unlike cult members having a false sense of power, blind to anything that doesn’t fit. Many people drink or drug the pain of feelings rooted in un acknowledged anxiety. Hate-filled Anger is the unnamed, unmentionable mental dis-ease. It’s not mental wellness. Much of the current economic thinking in the USA is mean-spirited, selfish, and afraid.

Anger is natural in the full spectrum of human emotions. We all experience it at times and find ways to transform or heal the experience. The New Economy is inclusive, appreciative and generous. The bigger question is what world do we want to live in? What’s our future? The light of love and compassion or the dark realms of anger? A quick practice to use throughout your day: recognize what you appreciate and acknowledge it. Say Thank You #RecognizeValue #truepower


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