Poor old White guys

The end of an epoch, the dawning of new possibilities is upon us. White authoritarians are scared. Just listen to how they’re blustering fears at each other and the world. Their biggest fears have routes in feminine values and principles   (FVP); inclusiveness, kindness and generosity in spirit and practice. Men need guns when they don’t trust and can’t be caring. They want to control and be superior to women, beige, brown, yellow and black skinned people just to prevent any succumbing FVP. The bankruptcy of their ideas and behavior is being exposed.

Donald is the quintessential male dominant, chest-beating archetype. And, Hillary, a strong female, who has survived 40 + years of abuse from playing big in a man’s world. The old Male is facing off with the new Female.
These poor whites don’t need to be afraid. We are all in this together. Male and Female. True power enables truth to rise to the surface, to be exposed to the light. Once aware, there is the choice for transformation. False power suppresses truth in favor of ego, lies and authoritarian mind-sets. False power is vulnerable, paranoid, and unsustainable. True power is unifying, inclusive and sustainable.
Give a white supremist a hug.

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