The Gifts of Trumpism

Men like Trump are stuck in an immature 12 year old pubescent mode. He is exposing and hopefully for cleansing an entitled men-tality often found in our American cowboy, CEO’s, big wigs and politicians. The dark side of manhood. This mindset has been around for thousands of years from the kings on down. Enough. It’s destructive, selfish and greedy. Our purpose? What do we need to do? Let’s make that behavior obsolete by ushering in a wise, intelligent, heartful culture of mutual respect, compassion and generosity for each other.

Difficult as looks now, it’s a mission that will bring more happiness to us all. It’s not easy, because it takes self-awareness. All it takes is one kindness at a time, one listening, one gratefulness. one gesture of understanding, one act of generosity, one inclusion at a time. We are changing the world into the one we want to live in. It is up to each of us one relationship at a time, especially the ones that need healing. Trumpism is gifting us by putting the spotlight on unconscionable unacceptable behavior.

Stay woke.

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