7 C’s; Strategies for co-operative enterprises and relationships

Consider these reminders of common sense strategies you may already know. When you remember to use them, they will make the flow smoother, more efficient, and more joyful.

 #1. Communication • Communication • Communication

  • between you — interpersonally
  • amongst you — collectively
  • within you — your own truth, self-reflection, passion, self-rejection

#2. Coordination

  • who has to know
  • when do they need to know it
  • what needs to be done, where and how
  • put things back in their place
  • know the flow

#3. Curiosity

  • what are the roots of the system, problem, solution
  • is there another way, better way
  • who are you, what gifts do you bring
  • approach others with openness and be receptive to who they are
  • ask bigger better questions

#4. Consideration

  • what are the needs of the next person you pass to or takes your place
  • emotional intelligence; your feelings, and others
  • social skills and intelligence, thank you, please, your welcome
  • do cultural customs or differences apply

#5. Collaboration

  • true democracy, you’re not in this alone
  • who outside of your customary circles can add value
  • listen deeply to think together well

#6. Cooperate

  • co-operate together
  • Yes in attitude and approach
  • the invisible heart of true power in the tangible and intangible
  • instead of besting someone, bring out the best in them

#7. Conspire

  • literally means breathe together
  • think together
  • plan together


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