Awakening Your True Power: Emotional Intelligence


What does True Democracy look like and feel like? It is a field that welcomes your full participation, intelligence, creativity and collaboration. You feel like you belong and can grow your potential personally, interpersonally and collectively. And, how do we get there? The short answer is,  it’s easy and it’s challenging. In this…

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7 C’s; Strategies for co-operative enterprises and relationships

Consider these reminders of common sense strategies you may already know. When you remember to use them, they will make the flow smoother, more efficient, and more joyful.  #1. Communication • Communication • Communication between you — interpersonally amongst you — collectively within you — your own truth, self-reflection, passion,…

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At Us Partners we’re inspiring people to work together smarter and more collaboratively. We focus on capacity-building consulting and experiences to create effective, equitable, and sustainable teams, businesses, communities, and engaged individuals who are compassionate, cooperative, and generous toward themselves and others.The CultureShift Blog is a place for us to…

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The Gifts of Trumpism

Men like Trump are stuck in an immature 12 year old pubescent mode. He is exposing and hopefully for cleansing an entitled men-tality often found in our American cowboy, CEO’s, big wigs and politicians. The dark side of manhood. This mindset has been around for thousands of years from the kings on down.…

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Intro Video

Hina Pendle explains the new economy academy.

Poor old White guys

The end of an epoch, the dawning of new possibilities is upon us. White authoritarians are scared. Just listen to how they’re blustering fears at each other and the world. Their biggest fears have routes in feminine values and principles   (FVP); inclusiveness, kindness and generosity in spirit and practice.…

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